Boing Boing’s Games Inspired by Music

9 07 2010

An 8-bit musical extravaganza! A competition that asks contestants to create games based on preexisting 8-bit soundtracks. Read more at Boing Boing.


Pancakes for Everyone!

1 06 2010

Jim, a devoted father creates amazing pancake creations for his daughter Allison. Click on the image to see more pancake magic.

Ewok Karaoke

1 06 2010

For anyone who ever enjoyed trying to sing along with the Ewok song at the end of Return of the Jedi, here are the lyrics spelled out for you phonetically–an i have to say, the words listed here are pretty much what i always thought they were saying.

Interview with Joe Mauer for MLB10: The Show

1 06 2010

I know this is a little overdue, but I was way to shy to post it right after we filmed it. So, here I am interviewing Joe Mauer during his mocap session at Sony’s motion capture studio in San Diego. (For the record, it was my first interview…so yeah, I’m a little awkward.)

daft punk and dj hero

11 09 2009

Daft Punk is putting together eleven unique mixes for the upcoming DJ Hero. And to add to the excitement, “Around the World” and “Robot Rock” will be there as well. Thank goodness for French electronica!

5th generation ipod nano

11 09 2009

I’m not exactly sure why I’d want a video camera (no stills apparently) on my ipod. The quality isn’t exactly up to par and posting it anywhere involves a painful multi-step process that most of us don’t really have time for. (Syncing to our computer…Apple, please.) The upside is the new model offers FM radio and the convenient ability to pause it at anytime so you don’t ever have to miss the philosophical musings of your beloved Ryan Seacrest. I must admit, the radio is appealing, but the complete uselessness of the camera makes me want to revolt–no more pointless multi-functions! All that aside, the better price is a big plus.

8-bit trip

24 08 2009

1500 hours gets you a fantastic tribute to stop-motion, legos, videogames and beards…all moving to the rythm of an awesome chiptune soundtrack.

(via Waxy)