halo kitty

10 12 2008


image created by magilla-da-killah


I know this image has been floating around the interweb for some time now, but I just never get tired of it.


Probably because it’s one of the most endearing visual representations of a female-gamer dichotomy I’ve ever seen. It epitomizes every internal conflict I’ve ever experienced over wanting to assert myself as a female, while simultaneously trying to avoid any stereotypes about female gamers. I love Hello Kitty, I love the color pink, but I also love first-person shooters and blowing stuff up. 


girls who game get more play

5 12 2008

Last year, the videogame rental company Gametart published a survey regarding women and gameplay. When discussing games and sex, there’s really just too many pun opportunities available–I will do my best to avoid them…well, most of them anyways. 

Taken from blog.wired.com:

Gamers Have Sex More Often!

It’s official – women who play video games have sex more often! Gametart, the UK’s largest online games rental company, carried out the survey throughout January to see how the recent influx of the likes of Pink PSPs and DS Lites would affect gamers’ sex lives across the country.

The results were surprising.

Of our sample of 200 women, those who played video games on average had sex 4.3 times a week while those who didn’t play games only had sex just 3.2 times a week.

Perhaps even more promising for gamers is the fact that many of the women that we interviewed who have only recently started playing games said that they now have sex more often than before.

It’s no secret that the gaming industry has been trying to develop innovative marketing schemes to reach the female audience, but usually they just play up the cutesy, social gaming stuff. I guess sex sells for everyone.

 If nothing else, Gametart has taught me that I need to be engaging in more gameplay. I would just like to know how these gals find room for so much lovin’ when they’re spending all their time gaming. It’s hard enough finding time to dedicate to my XBOX, let alone my…well you get the idea.