video games are yummy!

29 01 2009

Pac-man cupcakes by baker hello naomi


where can a lady go to do some virtual socializing in peace?

29 01 2009


For the most part, many were not too impressed with Sony Home when it was released in Open Beta in December. One of the most disturbing issues I read about involved mobs of male avatars surrounding female avatars and doing little dances–presumably, the only available action that remotely resembles sex.

Part of the problem here is the vast number of males vs. females cruising around Sony Home. The bigger issue is the unwavering needs of insecure a-holes who feel they have the right to inject their perverted sexual fantasies into virtual communities, making them unbearable for women. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in some of the videos people posted about the problem. In many cases, women were being chased and assaulted with obscenities. It’s not ok in reality; it’s not ok in virtual reality!


27 01 2009

Paul Pape Designs has come out with a new and improved set of chocolate miis for Valentine’s day. You can purchase the set for $19 on his website.

how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

22 01 2009

This was kinda fun. You can try it out at

I tried to play it on my computer at work, but the loud pounding on my keyboard almost gave me away. I was having a bit of trouble coordinating and transitioning from the right arrow and the space bar to the left arrow and the space bar so I could wall jump . I’ll have to try that again later.

It was encouraging to see this message pop up after completing the first level:

Tip: Lean red meat is not only a good source of protein,
but also has benefits in avoiding heart disease.

At first, I though the girly pink character was another type of meat–maybe pork. However, her name is Bandaid Girl so I guess some further research is in order.

console love

14 01 2009


For the small price of $11.50 you can make up for all those late nights you spent with your XBOX instead of your loved one; although, it might be cheaper to  just to tell them. 

Check out more of Etsy’s “I love you more than…” cards at