daft punk and dj hero

11 09 2009

Daft Punk is putting together eleven unique mixes for the upcoming DJ Hero. And to add to the excitement, “Around the World” and “Robot Rock” will be there as well. Thank goodness for French electronica!


5th generation ipod nano

11 09 2009

I’m not exactly sure why I’d want a video camera (no stills apparently) on my ipod. The quality isn’t exactly up to par and posting it anywhere involves a painful multi-step process that most of us don’t really have time for. (Syncing to our computer…Apple, please.) The upside is the new model offers FM radio and the convenient ability to pause it at anytime so you don’t ever have to miss the philosophical musings of your beloved Ryan Seacrest. I must admit, the radio is appealing, but the complete uselessness of the camera makes me want to revolt–no more pointless multi-functions! All that aside, the better price is a big plus.